Big Belly

I love that practically all my friends are pregnant right now.  It's fun and exciting, but sometime I can't help but let that "girl" side come out and compare how large my belly is compared to everyone else's.  

I all the sudden feel huge.  

It may be because I feel Marley slipping off my hips because she can no longer wrap her legs around me or maybe it's because when I walk into a room I watch people's eyes go from my belly to my eyes.  I recently purchased a formal gown for an event coming up on Saturday.  Let's just say that it was tricky finding something flattering.  I'll post pics of that later and let you be the judge of whether it was a hit or miss.

Believe it or not, I've only gained about 6 pounds bringing me to **4 but I know exactly where it all went. :)  Don't get me wrong, I'm excited and happy to be having another little Ogao running around here.  I just sometimes wish our bodies didn't have to go this crazy re-shaping process because it can be dang uncomfortable.

After I took this pic on my mac I realized that this shirt actually makes me look a bit smaller than I am.  Too bad it doesn't take a way the discomfort! :)


  1. OH, Heidi, I am sorry you are feeling this way. I would give anything to have only gained 6 lbs so far, and have it all in one place (where it's supposed to go). I was feeling the same way this morning. I get so tired of the changes in my body I want to jump out of my skin. I mean it, I want out of this body.

    Sigh, If Ella and Amaya had only been ugly, I wouldn't want more of Shad's kids. I'd adopt.

  2. Sorry, I don't see anything huge about it. Whatever.

  3. I wouldn't classify that as a "big belly" just yet! :) I guess you are so tiny to begin with that anything more makes you feel huge . . . count your blessings I guess! You look great!

  4. I am in that just FAT stage were people look at you and think, Oh she has gained some weight. This is my third but dang it is taking a toll on my body. Some days I would like Derek to take me out back and put me out of my pain. But then I look at my boys and remember how much I love them. Man what we do for our babies!

  5. I agree with Susy. I don't see it. Wait until you're 31 weeks like me. THAN you can use the title BIG BELLY! And yes, it is uncomfortable. More so because I'm chasing a toddler. Congrats again on having a boy. I bet you are having fun thinking of some cute boy names.

  6. Congrats on a baby boy! Both are fun in a different way. :)
    And, I see no belly in that picture. If you think you look big, um, I'm a house... no joke. We find out what we're having on Thursday.

  7. Now was that belly pic taken before you got pregnant? I can't even tell...go eat a big chocolate shake on me. :)

  8. Heidi, your baby bump is adorable! There's always that awkward in-between time where you just feel big instead of justifiably pregnant. No matter how cute you look when you're pregnant, you always feel like a house. So just listen to everyone who is telling you that you are tiny...and absolutely adorable!


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