Thanks Goodness for Toys

Marley has been extra whiny (is that a word?) and difficult here.  I was explaining this to Jared the other night and he suggested it was because she doesn't have any toys to play with.  Why hadn't I thought of that??  He went "shopping" in one of the other resident's apartments last night and brought back a 2 bins full of toys and blocks.  I showed them to Marley this morning and I have not had 1 tantrum.  What a smart daddy! :)

He also solved some of my kitchen-whoas and brought back a pitcher, small crock pot, and rice cooker.

We were both pretty tired last night and decided not to go on the little 3 mile hike we had planned, so we wandered over to the Anchorage LDS Temple.  It's tiny, but beautiful!  Marley ran around the parking lot for a while.  We stopped by a park on our way home.  I can't get over how green it is--seriously, it looks fake.  

We put a hat and mittens on Marley for the 1st time since she was an infant (and I'm certain she can't remember that).  She thought they were interesting and had to try out her mittens in the mud, with the rocks, on the pavement--this cold weather stuff is a new experience for her. :)

By the way, I can post pictures to facebook...just not blogger


  1. I remember thinking the same thing about how green it was when we were in Alaska! You have to find this place in Anchorage, there is a really good restaurant that we went to there and across the parking lot there is a really good chocolate store with a chocolate fountain. It is definitely worth seeking out.
    Elise also said the Moose's Tooth is their favorite pizza place.
    Also go see Portage glacier, and the whale watching cruises out of Whittier.

  2. I can't wait to see your pictures. Your absence was missed. Cooler weather sounds really good about now. This humidity is melting me.

  3. Sounds like you guys are definitely having an adventure to remember. Are we facebook friends? I am going to check. Can't wait for you to get back! :)

  4. Hey there- I just ran across your blog. Looks like you are doing good. I have a really good friend that just moved to Anchorage- Kasey Henry. Email me and I will give you her number! nbrenchleyathotmaildotcom
    good luck with everything!

  5. No pictures, does that mean for 2 months, cause that a-sucks.

  6. Oh I am glad it's getting better with her. Nothing worse than meltdowns! I can't wait to see the pics.

  7. Oh I am glad it's getting better with her. Nothing worse than meltdowns! I can't wait to see the pics.


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