A Day Off!

Saturday and Sunday were the first days Jared has had off since we've been here.  

Sometimes I dream about what it would be like for him to have every weekend off, or get home at a decent hour....oh well.  He was on-call Thursday (just like he is every 3rd night). He got home about 10pm and we were in bed by 11.  The pager went off about 11:05 and didn't stop until he left for work at 6 on Friday.  (This is a pretty typical call night.  Although, the other call nights he's had here he's gone in to operate sometime during the night.)

We do take full advantage of any time he does have off...which often includes taking naps when Marley takes them :)  

  • We went to a Wildlife Conservation and saw moose, bears, elk, musk ox, and a bunch of birds.
  • We drove to Seward
  • Ate lunch at the Smoke Shack--totally a shack but really yummy!
  • Went to the Aquarium
  • Went to Exit Glacier
  • Hiked Flat Top--until we got snowed out
  • Went to church
  • Saw the Iditarod Statue downtown
Pretty good for a weekend :)

3 more weeks until he has another weekend off...


  1. 3 weeks? ouch! Why oh why do they choose these professions? Sounds like you made good of the time you do have.

  2. Heidi, oh my! I just found out you guys are in Alaska! WOW! How long have you been there? How long are you staying? What a fun adventure! Hope Jared's schedule gets better soon!!!

  3. I seriously love medical, it would be so cool to be a fly on the wall and watch Jared operate, of course I may pass out but very cool.

  4. At least his days off were consecutive so you guys could really do some stuff together! Hope you are surviving. Still boycotting your ward till you get home. ;)

  5. That is great, you have to take advantage of every minute together. Enjoy Alaska, that is so neat. What a great experience!

  6. I'm seriously so proud of you for being so adventurous. I'm afraid I would curl up in a corner and suck my thumb. You are a tough girl. I'm sure your mission helped with all of these adventures.

  7. That's an awesome adventure to live in Alaska for a while, I went there once and it really is beautiful. Sarah (Ward) Tanner and her husband live up there, he is a dentist. Jared would remember her, but I don't know if you ever met her Heidi.


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