On the Farm

We took a trip down to Jared's parents' a couple of weekends ago.  It was a short trip, but we had a good time.   Mom & Dad Ogao have acquired so many animals! :)  

Marley was either in Nanna's arms or holding her hand the entire time we were at their place.  She loved going out to see all the animals.

Enjoying the cooler weather ;)

Helping Nanna feed the chickens.

Checkin' out the goat and sheep.

Wiping puppy's nose.

I think she noticed that their noses are a bit moist.  She used almost a whole box of kleenex while we were there--wiping noses. ;)

Feeding the goat.  
I'm not sure who had more fun feeding them--Jared or Marley :)


  1. Heidi... are you close to downtown Phoenix? I might be there this coming January for a few days...
    Will keep you posted!

  2. How fun. you guys always seem to be having some kind of adventure.

    I hear you are no longer moving!!!!! Sorry things didn't work out, but I must say I am a little happy (for selfish reasons).

  3. How fun for Marley girl. I think every kid loves animals at that age:). So, when are ya going to get her a puppy???

  4. Holy Cow!!! How did you guys find my blog? I was so excited to see your comment and find you! Jared is a doc now and you have a darling little girl, how exciting!

  5. Best way to see the farm right there, PICTURES, no smells.

  6. Looks like a great time! And I thought you were moving????

  7. How cute is Marley's hair?! Its getting so long and I just love the waves!

  8. Looks like Marley had fun with all the animals. She is getting so big! I'm glad you've gotten to spend some quality time with Jared lately. Hope you guys have fun in Alaska! Can't wait to see pictures.


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