Lake Powell: Part II

We had such a fun vacation!  It was nice to be able to spend some q-time with my hunny.  There was a bit of driving involved, but sometimes the car is the best place to chat.

Happy to be together

Why do I think that I need to raise my arms?  I think jared took these pics to let me see how silly I looked out there doing that.  It's fun though--if you ever get the chance to wake-surf try it!  It's surfing on a man-made wave :)
Marley & I chillin' on the back of the boat.  Doesn't she look stylin' in her shades?!

The Banana!!  

Seriously--we spent hours on that.  The scary part is having such dramatic weight differences among the riders.  Seriously, my brother Tanner is like a big football player--about 6'3" probably close to 300 lbs, and then there is Brock--probably 5'4" and pushing 80 lbs :)  Actually, I'm not sure about any of those stats but lets just say that some of us went flyin'!  Jared likes to instigate the banana wars of throwing people off which tends to make things a little crazy out there. :) Nobody wanted to ride next to him.

Jared wakeboarding.  
He looked pretty good out there.  This time we didn't have anyone with us to make the wake big and he still did a good job.

I did some wakeboarding and skiing as well, but it seems like we only got the wake-surf pics of me.  

We're looking forward to next year at Powell!!


  1. You know I have plans to make Powell a tradition for my family when we get a boat, someday. All because of the fun I saw your family having there. I guess we have to go to Pheonix now.

    Who's on the front of the banana?

  2. Props on the hands out! My hands would be all over the flippin' place if I was on that thing! :)

  3. You guys look great! Jared's flip...ummm, WOW!


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