Hot Pink Heels

Remember my post about Marley wearing the nursery leader's shoes?  Well, here they are.

Yesterday Jared took Marley swimming while I was on the grill.  There were a few little girls out playing in the pool.  Marley spotted one of the girl's silver shoes and had to try them on.  They were nice enough to let her wear them around the pool for a little while.  I think this shoe thing is turning into an obsession for her.


  1. Wow. Those really are hot. pink. heels. ha ha

  2. Baby girl shoes have become an obsession of mine!!! Mia is developing quite a collection! Although I wouldn't mind having a pair of those hot pink ones myself!

  3. i need some shoes like those. I am sure I could find something to wear them with. :) Hey, how did you get your wide layout? Mine is overlapping and I wish it was wide like yous.
    Miss you guys

  4. My kind of girl! When I married Derek I had 80 pairs of shoes....I love shoes.

  5. That is so adorable!!!!
    What girl doesn't love shoes?
    She's starting awfully early though. She may be a very expensive little girl!!!!;-)

  6. oh, that is too cute. I SO need a girl. Today at the store my boys were trying on girls Sunday shoes. It just is not the same. But they did find it hilarious. Plus, it entertained them while I shopped :-)


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