Marley's Playmates

This is Marley trying to get Jared to come walk with her outside.

Notice the little pink flowers in her hair.  This was Jared's doing :)

Future pianist?  She absolutely loves playing the piano, listening to music, singing, etc.  She no longer likes to sit on my lap to play the piano.  She likes to do it all by herself.

Best Buddies.  Marley and Jax playing a duet.  Let me tell ya, it sounded beautiful!! :)  They would have stayed there all day if I would have let them.  They are quite the pair! :)

Sounds good Jax.

Jax knew exactly what to do when i pulled out the camera. :)  Marley usually tries to run away.  Jax came towards me and gave me this special picture face :)


  1. Marley is going to be an amazing pianist just like her mother!!!
    The last picture of that little boy Jax, made me laugh out loud! It is so stinking cute!!! How adorable is he??

  2. So cute, my kids love to play the piano too. However they don't have a great pianist mother to teach them anything. You guys are such a cute family, that is awsome about Jared graduating.


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