Love, Love, Love

Marley and I driving down the street. Actually, I was at a stoplight. I wouldn't be that stupid. Even Jared complimented me on how much better I am at driving since I had Marley. I just love that girl. She's such a sweetheart.
These are Marley's food love. They are how we both survive any length of time spent in the car. As long as I am feeding her raisins, she's perfectly happy...and usually singing.

Yummm. I'm eating these right now. (Honey, I promise I only ate 4.) I talk about treats as though I clear out grocery stores, but I promise I don't. We took our young women to a drive-in movie the other night and this was one of the treats. I have been craving them ever since.
I actually hate to buy treats like this because Jared is the chocolate lover of our family. He rarely eats non-chocolate treats and I really don't like knowing that I ate the whole package myself no matter how long it takes.


  1. I'm glad to hear you are driving safe with Marley, but I don't think I ever doubted you would. Cody and I are completely opposite: I am the chocolate lover and Cody likes the other sweets. I only buy or make things we both like for the same reason as you...I don't like to realize I ate the whole bag by myself!

  2. How did you get your Marley to eat raisins, both of my boys dislike raisins. My mouth watered when I saw the picture of the red vines! I don't buy those because all three of my boys wont eat those either!

  3. Nathan won't eat raisins either! & I always wish he would. I even bought Dora packaged raisins (he loves Dora).
    Be happy that she's snackin on something healthy. We go through a lot of cheese fish, cheese sticks, and fruit snacks. NOt sure how healthy those all are, but they do the trick when we are on a long car ride.
    I wish we had a drive in close, our YW would LOVE to do something like that. How fun.

  4. You know I'm a red vines kinda girl...I just never buy them unless I know the boys will be right there with me to eat, cause Todd's a twizzler boy. It's just SO easy to eat the whole dang thing in no time...and I hate downing all that sugar too.

    Lexi's really taken a liking to raisins too. I'm pretty glad about it. My boys still won't touch them.

  5. Ok, what's up with the Wolfgang poll?! Are you pregnant or are you getting a dog?!

  6. Jen beat me to the punch...Wolfgang...what the heck?

  7. hey does Jared know Josh is living in Phx too?

  8. Amaya has just discovered the raisins. She ate 3 of the mini boxes today. I am loving the convenience of handing her a box and not being bothered for a few minutes.


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