Boating Trip with the Youth

The Leaders : Rana Hatch, Diane Villa, me, Claire Riding
We took our young women from church to Lake Pleasant yesterday. Thank goodness for a good friend who watched Marley for me :) Thank you Bekah! It was nice to have fun and not worry about her.
Beautiful day. Lot's of fun.

Claire and I on the tube. We got thrashed and both have calf bruises to show for it! At one point I was so scared I couldn't get a scream out.

So cheesy. I'm driving so our driver could have a tubing turn. I was liking revenge :)


  1. My shoulders are hurting also. I had to have Cody pick Cooper up today and hand him to me because they hurt so bad! This is probably a sign to me that I need to start working out a big more.

  2. Cute swimsuit! Lake Pleasant looks. . .pleasant.

  3. What a fun day! Todd and I were reminiscing about our trips to Lake Powell as we cruised past on our way home. Those were fun times.

    It was extra fun running in to you at the temple. I wish we would have some time to do something together. I really wished we could have stayed a couple of days longer. That's a long drive!!!

  4. Wow that looks like so much fun! The water looks beautiful! Deklan is dyeing to go boating. Every hot day we have he begs to go boating.

  5. What fun seeing you at the temple. What a small world. I will have to post the picture of us.

  6. When we were growing up, I couldn't WAIT to get a chance at driving the boat so I could pay back my dad or brothers for the hellascious ride they just had given me. huh... but for some reason, that never happened. I'm still waiting for my revenge, so I'm glad you got yours!!


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