Memorial day at Tempe Beach Park.  Trying to decide whether to get wet or not.

Jared got to take "home call" yesterday and we went to the park with his co-resident and his family.  It was really perfect weather (80's).  It was so nice to have Jared with us to make it really feel like a holiday! :)

That hair is always getting in her face.  She always comes to us for help :)


In order to keep Marley entertained on our road trip from Cedar City to Phoenix a couple of weeks ago, we brought along a couple of movies.  It ended up that we really brought only 1 movie and several empty movie cases (oops).  The movie happened to be "Enchanted".   The only part Marley liked was where they sang "How does she know?"--her most favorite part being where the prince jumps off the bridge and get hit by a bunch of bikers.  She'll say "Uh OH" before it even happens and then laugh and laugh."   

This is what happened at young women's last week.  One of the young women painted Marley's toenails.  She was proud of them and has been showing them to everyone.

Reading with daddy.   Using her "thank you" sign. 


  1. Marley is becoming such a big girl and so cute! We sure miss seeing you all.

  2. Marley is so cute! I think Casey had just as much fun painting Marley's toenails as Marley did. I need to be more thankful for the time I have with Cody considering he is never "on call".


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