Gratitude and "shhh"

About a week ago I taught Marley the sign for "thank you." I must admit that Marley would probably be a GREAT signer if I knew all the signs and remembered to use them. She caught on pretty quickly to the thank you sign and I am realizing that I have a very grateful little 16 month old! Being appreciated can make such a difference. Just today she thanked me for putting her in bed, for each raisin that I gave her, for getting her out of her high chair, for changing her diaper...seriously, who knew she was grateful for all those things. 

Today we went and looked at the puppies at the mall. About half of them are always sleeping. Each sleeping one we passed, Marley would put her finger up to her lips and say "Shhh". She learned that one pretty quick when Jared was working nights. In fact, half the time that I say "daddy", Marley replies with "Shhh". We got home from the mall just in time to put her down for a nap. I leaned over to put a blanket on her and she looked up at me and said "Shhh". So cute.


  1. seriously, cute! Love the dress.

  2. That is so adorable!! I love how Dallin says "thank you" to everything. It seems to make it all seem so much more worth while. I love it that she says "shh" so much. That is really cute too! She is such an adorable little girl!

  3. That is so cute. Valerie does something similar. We'll be playing, reading, doing whatever and, out of no where, she'll stop lean in and give me a big kiss followed by hug. She does this all the time. I love it!


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