Life of a Doctor

I recently read this on my friend, Julie's, blog. She included some interesting (actually frightening) statistics on physicians.

Let's all be grateful for those men and women (and their spouses) out there who spend so many years working and studying so that we have access to quality health care!


  1. Thanks for posting that on your blog Heidi! I am always grateful to know other families who know what we (Alan, Carmen, Dallin & Peyton) as a medical student/resident family go through in this time in our life! Jared's probably very busy being in his surgery residency!

  2. I've always believed that being a doctor was a "calling" not a job. I have much respect for members of society with such a demanding calling that benifits us all so much. I also have never believed that dr's are underpaid!

  3. Wow, maybe I need to reassess my complaining.

  4. Hey! Congrats on the match! I'm jealous...wish I could be in AZ right now! (it is snowing in Omaha today!)
    You gotta love the life of a resident! I don't think I ever feel awake!


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