Happy Birthday Marley!

Marley Blowing out her birthday candles.

My mom ordered this adorable "Winnie the Pooh" cake. I think Lexi was more excited about it than Marley.
Marley got so many fun presents. Lexi, Treven and Marley all had enough toys to play with. Marley also got some ADORABLE clothes. I was really excited about the pink and brown bracelet she got...Marley wasn't.
A funny thing that happened:
Marley got a little popper toy. Trevin was playing with it and I guess Marley decided she wanted to play with it. Instead of going over and taking it away (which is typical at that age) she took Trevin an empty box she had been playing with and "traded" him. I don't know how excited Trevin was about the box, but it was pretty cute!

Mom, mom's mom, me and Marley

Family + Cynthia (Kory's girlfriend Left, 2nd to top), Sus & Lexi (practically familyright top), and Marsha (Susy's mom-also practically family right second to top)


  1. Happy Birthday Marley! Heidi, I love the pic with you, your mom, her mom and Marley (4 generations of beautiful girls)!

  2. Ahhh, the 1st birthday is so memorable! You did a great job!

  3. We're so glad we were able to celebrate with you guys! Marley and Lex are destined to be good friends! Lunch was very fun today...even though we did more chasing girls than anything!

  4. Happy birthday Marley!!!!
    Looks like she had a fun birthday party! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Marley! What a great birthday cake! I remember Quinn's first birthday...Daddy on call, small two-bedroom apartment, no family close by and a stack of pancakes with a candle stuck in them! Marley is SO loved! I also remember the ball popper. Ha! I think every child must have one. You are a darling mom, Heidi. I miss you!

  6. Marley's party looks like fun! She is so cute and growing up so much.

  7. How fun!! It looks like Marley had a lot of fun for her birthday with your family!! Chads girlfriend is cute. Trevor will be engaged soon. He took the ring to my mom and dads to show them Sunday. I love watching our families get bigger!!


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