Visiting The Ohana

Auntie Ella and Uncle Dave graciously hosted a gathering of the family our last evening on Oahu. It was good times being able to see all the cousins, to eat and talk story. Mahalos Auntie for having all of us!

From left to right we have Sonia, Lee (haven't I seen him in Surfer Magazine before?), Auntie Ella, Me, Joe, Heidi, Blair, Uncle Dave.

My cousin Jimmy, his wife Kris and their beautiful daughters.

Cousin's Jacy and Greg with their son Greg Junior. Jun-Jun grew up! We celebrated his 17th birthday this evening.

My good buddy Kenny showed up with his wife Kim. They were able to stop by at Auntie's house for a few minutes to visit. Right on! By the way, if your wondering why this post is lacking style and flair it is because I, Jared, am at the mouse and keyboard and this is my first post. Heidi does a great job of keeping this blog up and I will hand it back to her after this one, I just thought I would give it a try.


  1. way to go Jared! I'm so glad you're blogging while you're over there!!! It's so fun to see what you're up to! I talked to Grammy Stacia today and just to give you a little peace of mind, Marley girl was squealing like crazy!!! I think she's being well taken care of!

  2. Your trip looks like so much fun! Jared great job with the post.

  3. Good job Jared. Great post. Looks like so much fun!

  4. Looks like you guys had fun, I'm jealous, but happy you were finally able to go on your trip:) How did Marley do fending for herself with her sweet spoiling grandma, grandpa and aunt and uncles?

  5. What an AMAZING adventure! You should cut & paste this with your own creative storyline in one of those story programs for Marley to read some day. Isn't it great to see extended family after many years absence?


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