Playtime with Marley-Girl

I had to take some pictures of Marley today when we were playing. She's a very expressive little thing and can go from laughing to crying in seconds. mama is going to take me out there and we're gonna play.

Mmmmm....I love to eat books.

Actually she really does love for us to read books to her.
Here's proof: Jared can sit down to read to her and I can recite the entire collection of books from the other room. Marley and I sit down to a pile of books a couple of times a day and naturally we end up reading the same books over and over.

My problem now is that little rhymes get stuck in my head and all I can think of all day long is..."Aloha is how we say hello....Aloha is what we say when we go... " Of course even the voice in my head is in a children's book reading voice.

Will someone move the table?! It's hitting my head!

Marley --I call her our princess-- naturally thinks that the world and everything in it revolves around her. I shouldn't be so surprised since everything in HER world does revolve around her.

Lately she's had this one problem though: the furniture. It just does not move when she needs to go somewhere! She'll literally hit her head against something until I pick her up and move her.

Silly girl.

I want to EAT books not READ books! happy.

What? I can't ALWAYS be photogenic can I?


  1. She is so cute and getting big so fast.

  2. Alyssa will be screaming because she isn't getting what she wants, then the second she gets it she goes off skipping!

  3. I love reading your blogs. I still can remember when I had just one child. I think when you have your second, life changes so much and its not all about baby....but its all about baby and toddler! I love every stage my boys have gone through. Right now Kobe has this thing about being 5. He thinks thats his ticket to freedom, like not telling me he is going to his friends house. Gabe...well he makes Kobe look like an angel. I have to tell myself how much I love him and how perfect he was when he came to me. Derek and I don't know what to do. So when I see pictures of Marley rolling into tables, I wish that was Gabes problem. So enjoy her, they grow over night. I do know that gabe will to out come this. So now that I have gone on and on I will go..
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. Hey, two things I want to say about this post.

    First, my mother-in-law got her masters in reading. She tells me that children who have been read the classic nursery rhymes do better in reading and pick it up quicker than those who didn't.

    Second, my favorite author for board books is Sandra Boynton. You can find her books at Target and sometimes reduced priced ones at TJ Maxx. Her stories are simple, fun, and lively. You should check her out. My favorites are But not the Hippotomus and The Going to Bed Book

  5. Marley is so cute and so funny. It's so silly how they get themselves stuck and can't seem to figure out that if they just go a different way or back out the way they went in all would be fine. Kaiya's new thing is crawling behind the couch and getting wedged in. She cries and cries. I have to pull the couch out to free her at least twice a day! Silly girls!

  6. Marley is getting so big! She is so cute. Hope all is well in AZ and that Jared is healing. We got the biggest kick out of looking at your celeb look alikes. We tried Brandon's, but he wont let me post them:( keep the cute pics coming!

  7. To respond to your comment, I usually read to Kaiya while she is playing. I know she listens, even if it's not all the time, and I don't have to try to keep her undivided attention with a book with no pictures. It is kind of like background noise for her, but not the annoying TV, it's fun for me too, and I know only good can come of it. I also read to her while she is eating. Then she is trapped and has to listen! I read baby books to her everyday also and it's fun to see her connect the story to the pictures. So far I've read her James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Hobbit, and now Where the Red Fern Grows. Happy reading!

  8. I just bought the colbie caillat cd! I love her music! Soft and relaxing.

  9. I just bought the colbie caillat cd! I love her music! Soft and relaxing.

  10. I love her music too. I found it by accident the other day and have loved every song that I've heard so far.


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