Our Celebrity Look-alikes

Just a little thing that Shannon Dickman and Mickel Sharp introduced to me. Pretty fun! You should try it too.

One Question:

1. Why does Jared match up with 2 women?


  1. I did this a long time ago and I am not sure who I had, but I do remember I too had Beyonce...that is too funny! I do actually think you look alot like Sophia Bush.

  2. Heidi, Thanks for commenting on my photos/blog. I noticed you have a link to Justin Taylor on your sidebar -- we have one of his paintings! Small world. Did you check out my husbands website? His artwork is at kirkhaysart.com - he often uses people in the ward as models.

  3. so i wish i could email people. Jared, you are seriously a stallion of a person. I love your pics. thanks for your comments and constant support man. I hope you're doing good with your work. I'd love to hear about it.


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