Marley's First Time on Grandpa's Boat

I have to say that I think Marley-girl would have liked grandpa's boat much better if she didn't have to wear her life jacket. As you can see on her face, she was not too pleased. It was a choppy day out at Lake Mead.

Brock and I sat out on the swim deck with Marley. The waves didn't scare her: she wanted to jump right in! I don't know when babies start to have fear, but she has definitely not hit that milestone in her development. I feel like I am saving her life many times a day. We decided Marley-girl would appreciate staying on the beach so that she wouldn't have to wear her life jacket. Monday we took the boat to Quail Lake. Chad and I wakeboarded and water-skiied while grandma played with Marley on the beach. I was definitely a bit Rusty and very sore the next day!

I did waterski last summer, but being pregnant with Marley I took it pretty easy.


  1. I was sooooooooooooooooo sore after my day at Pineview! You look so cute, I love your swimming suit.

  2. I still have to save Ella's life sometimes. But I have to say that I don't remember her even having much fear at 18 months. So keep vigilant in your efforts!

  3. I bet your family just loves Marley to pieces. Something about the first grandchild does that!

  4. How much fun! I don't think Marley got enough attention while in Cedar city! :) I love to see your brother and sister lovin her. Hopefully Marley does well getting back to your own life. When I get back from Cedar, my boys are so tired and grumpy and wont let me leave there side. It takes a good couple of days to get things back to normal. While were gone they pretty much get what they want if not from me, then they look for gram, or papa!


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